Small changes can make a difference

It’s true that we live in a busy world where everyone is rushing from one place to another, constantly making plans, trying to fit as much as possible into every minute of every day. Add kids into the mix who have extracurricular activities and it feels as though you never get a moment to catch your breath.

It feels like we have to say ‘yes’ to everything we are offered, and juggle all of this, plus the housework, business and hopefully, somewhere in there, a minute of peace and reflection for ourselves!

Over the past few years I have noticed that people are looking more and more for quick and easy options so they can keep up with their fast paced lifestyle.

Whether it is ready made meals, pre-cut veges or packaged foods or coffee in a takeaway cup, all of this comes at a huge cost to our environment. Every year 300 million tonnes of single use plastic packaging is produced worldwide. Most of this ends up in landfill where it will sit for hundreds of years to come. At least 8 million tonnes of this waste ends up in our oceans every year. A scary reality is that if we continue to consume single use plastics at the current rate by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans.

Single use baby food and yoghurt pouches are a relatively new phenomenon that have become very popular with kids and parents worldwide. I understand this as they are convenient, easy to use and mess free. It was because of these single use pouches that the idea for Kai Carrier was born.

What bothers me about these pouches is that many of the large companies that produce them claim they are recyclable. In order to recycle these pouches the user must rinse them out, ensure they are dry, store them somewhere until you have a large number collected, print off a label, package them up and send them off. In theory it is great that a recycling scheme is offered but I question the number of people using it, given the pouches provide a quick and easy solution to busy people.

So what can we do about it you think?

I am one person… there’s nothing I can do to change what is happening. I can’t make a difference. But the truth is if we all make an effort to make small changes to our consumer habits we will make a big difference worldwide. To date Kai Carrier pouches have prevented over 13 million single use plastic pouches and packaging ending up in landfill. This equates to over 5 tonnes of rubbish. By using Kai Carrier snack packs every day, as an alternative to single use ziplock bags or plastic food wrap, you can prevent over 350 pieces of single use plastic going to landfill every year!

Making changes does take effort.

Like changing your diet, increasing exercise or breaking long-held habits such as smoking or biting your nails. But day after day of successfully implementing the change, whether it’s drinking more water, exercising more, cooking more meals from scratch, using reusable shopping bags, taking a reusable coffee cup to the cafe or using other reusable packaging solutions, these newly formed habits become the norm and it becomes easier and easier. So what one small change can you make today?