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Lamb and Corn Couscous

When you’re making a roast lamb dinner for the family, you can easily whip up a baby-friendly version with this lamb and corn couscous recipe. Now that’s how you feed the WHOLE family with one meal. Easy as!


½ cup (125ml) water

1 tsp. olive oil

pinch salt

½ cup couscous

1 tsp. butter

½ cup creamed corn

1 small lamb chop or small slice of roast lamb


In a small saucepan, bring the water, oil and salt to boil. Pour in the couscous and stir. Remove from heat and cover, leave for around 3 minutes or until all water has been absorbed.

Swirl in butter and return to low heat, stirring until mixed and no longer lumpy.

Remove from heat and stir in creamed corn.

Using a fine grater, grate the piece of lamb and sprinkle over the top of the couscous. Serve immediately.

Recipe from Kidspot


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