Product Info

Kai Carrier are reusable food pouches that can be filled with homemade food so you know exactly what you and your children are eating whilst minimising the mess. Our pouches allow you to make nutritious food free of additives, preservatives and excess sugar and serve it in a convenient way, anywhere, anytime.

The Kai Carrier range provide busy 21st century families with an eco-friendly product that can be used over and over – and the kids love them! Babies love the freedom of feeding themselves and develop both gross and fine motor skills along the way. The older children can learn about healthy eating and assist in the preparation and filling of the Kai Carrier.

Our reusable pouches help you and your family reduce your carbon footprint by no longer needing to buy single use packaging!

Kai Carrier are not only convenient but they help save your family money. Make bulk food, fill your pouches and store in the freezer for a later date. No more worrying about what to feed the kids on a whim!

We are a multi-award winning product. Awards include:

  • Top 10 Most Recommended Product (OhBaby Awards 2016 & 2014),
    Gold Medal
  • Best Solids Feeding Product (OhBaby Awards 2016), Gold Medal
  • Best Portable Product (OhBaby Awards 2016 )
  • Best Kids Kitchen Product (Munch Awards 2013 & 2015), Silver Medal
  • Solids Feeding Product (OhBaby Awards 2014)
  • Best New Product (Baby View Awards 2013)
  • We were also a finalist in the NZI Sustainable Business Awards
    (2015 & 2016)

Our range of pouches can be filled with just about anything!

Pouch Sizes

140ml – puree any combination of fruit, vegetables, meat, legumes, poultry grain or dairy. Great for busy babies starting out on the solid food journey. This size is also perfect for smoothies and yoghurts for the kindy and school lunch box.

300ml – Adult or big kid size! Great for smoothies on the go (especially for growing teenagers busy with afterschool sports and activities) or single servings of soup. Freeze left over coconut cream, tomato puree, pasta sauces or those homemade pestos and dips.

800ml – the largest pouch in our range. Store homemade stock, soups or sauces or your dried goods. Great for storing wet facecloths for those sticky hands during picnics or days out

Snack Packs – store healthy snacks including crackers, scroggin or raisins. Fill with toddler meals such as spaghetti bolognaise or macaroni cheese and freeze for quick and easy dinner ideas. Perfect for school and kindy lunchboxes

Ice Block Pouches – make homemade ice blocks and ice creams minus the sugar and additives. Designed to prevent drips and spills the ice block pouch is a must have for the hot summer months

Sandwich Bags – no more need for gladwrap! Our sandwich bags have been designed to comfortably fit four slices of bread so can easily be used for the adults packed lunch too.

All Kai Carrier pouches are:

  • Reusable
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate free
  • Freezable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwavable (see tips and tricks page for heating directions)
  • Convenient
  • Cost Effective
  • Recyclable
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