Kate Meads - Waste Free Parenting 


“Perfect for independent feeders, convenient cost effective and best of all reusable!”  - IVF Mumma 


Dr Julie Bhosale


“Thank you so much for your very clever product! My wee girl has suffered from severe allergy related eczema from a very early age. Although we finally have it under control I have to be extremely careful to stay on top of it and one slip up can result in a week of agony for the poor mite, and a week of exhaustion for the rest of the family. Because of the eczema (and a few other reasons of course) I far prefer to give my daughter only home made food, your product enables me to do this with such little fuss and bother and she loves it! I always find she manages to eat far more from the Kai carrier than from a spoon or if I were to give her finger food. Thanks again for making a complicated situation so simple and easy!”  - Danielle


“Kai Carriers are good for your kids and the environment, they are a very welcome addition to my growing eco cupboard and actually feel a little bit proud every time I use them, as I know I’ve made the effort."  - Yummy Green Mummy 


“Kai Carriers have a wider neck making them a breeze to fill, and I managed to get about 2/3C of food into each meaning they have a much greater capacity than other pouches I’ve tried!”  - Nourished Nutrition 


“I also liked that they are filled from the top of the pouch. It allows the pouch to stand on its own while you’re trying to fill it.”  - The Bottom Line 


“Just bought a 10 pack YAY! we go through 14 fruit tubes approx every 10 days because our 2 year old WON’T eat fruit any other way. Spent 2 hours last night pureeing and cooking all the fruit. Today is the test day fingers crossed! Thank you so much for such an awesome product that has already saved money!!!”  - Mical


"We love your Kai Carriers. My almost 9 month old is asserting his independence and would prefer to feed himself than let me spoon feed him. I just spoon his food into his Kai Carrier and he gets to squeeze it through on his own, leaving me hands free." - Rochelle


"Just wanted to let you know you saved our lives the other night - our 9 month old had tonsillitis and was refusing everything (even the bottle) but he took some custard yoghurt in a Kai Carrier. Thank God, and thank you guys! Saving mummas and sick babies." - Erica


"Loving my Kai Carriers from the Baby Show. Batch one apple and rhubarb. My son loves them too. For someone who doesn't like fruit they are a hit for him. Thank you."- Nicole


“My bubs refuses anything on a spoon and at 11 months with no teeth, finger food is tricky. Kai Carriers Rock!” - Bethaney


“Thanks so much for the speedy service and delivery! Fantastic product and look forward trying out my own mixes and saving the $$$’s.” - Karen


“I was pleasantly surprised by these unsuspecting little bags.”  - Nana Anne’s Home Remedies  


“These Kai Carriers are going to make my mornings so much easier.”  - Kiwi Mummy Blogs